Tag: Mage


  • Chase Cooke

    An older mage with a tendency to secrecy and disappearing at inopportune times. Has a deep-seeded dislike and distrust of vampires for some reason which has yet to be revealed.

  • James 'Phyber' Poe

    James was born to a well to do family, his father a doctor and his mother a tenured nurse. His father paid for him to attend private school for the first few years of his life until his parents went through a divorce when he was ten. His mother gained …

  • Jaxson 'Jax' Robicheaux

    Jaxson was born to parents of little real means and not a lot of ambitions. He grew up fairly poor and spent a lot of time on his own as his parents were both usually working. Left to mostly his own devices in late middle school and early high school he …