Mason ' Scratches on the Eight' Jameson

BoneGnawer Master Theurge (Father of Barrier Method)


Mason has the look of the man on the street; not too tall, grey in his hair, a slight limp, and lines on his face from both laughter and pain. His clothing is clean and neat, but aged as only Goodwill could be, but there is a aura of unpredictability, of hidden danger, about him. Tattoos show at his neck and sleeves, symbols that seemed random and primitive, unless one could read Garou. Only then would one know the aura was that of a wolf amongst the sheep.


Mason Jameson is known as a man who runs a small soup kitchen for the down-trodden of Hampton Roads. While he was known to be a man not to cross, especially if you harmed one of his charges, very few knew his true calling — Scratches on the Eight, Bonegnawer Theurge and Master of Rites for the Mirkwater Caern.

For three decades he and his pack, the Seadogs, fought the Wyrm and Weaver all around Chesapeake Bay. They roamed as far as Richmond, seeking out those dumping Wyrm-tainted chemicals into the Bay watershed, tracking down those poisoning fish, and waging a quiet battle with the Leeches who thought Hampton’s underclass was a private hunting ground. It was a glorious time, until loss of Seadog members and his own rise in Rank forced him to step back and take his place as an Elder and teacher, not a warrior.

But beyond the accolades and Renown of his decades of service, Mason’s greatest pride was in his children. His dedication to his pack meant Mason never married, but he was blessed with several children by various kinfolk. His duties to his Pack and Caern made him a distant father, but he did what he could to help out and tried to get to know all his children. However, only one daughter became Garou.

Since his daughter’s exile, Mason has faced suspicion from within and without the Caern. He allowed his fellow Theurges to test him, to prove he was clear of Taint, but some still question his right to hold office in the Caern. The remains of the Seadogs support him in public, but in private they wonder if he needs to take a break. Mason, however, has thrown himself into his work in order to regain his honor.

Mason ' Scratches on the Eight' Jameson

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