Jaxson 'Jax' Robicheaux

Young homeless orphan mage troubled by spirits


Jaxson stands at a hair under six foot, and seems to have missed several meals if his thinness is any indication. His hair is long and often unkempt and in desperate need of being cut. His skin tone would indicate that there is something darker than just Caucasian in his not to distant ancestry. Often seen wearing jeans and whatever t-shirt he can find that’s clean and a nearly ever present leather motorcycle jacket. The jacket has years of scent saturation of dusty leather, smoke and booze.


Jaxson was born to parents of little real means and not a lot of ambitions. He grew up fairly poor and spent a lot of time on his own as his parents were both usually working. Left to mostly his own devices in late middle school and early high school he became a bit rebellious. He attended the parties and started drinking and did drugs at times. His life, given all of this, was fairly normal for a kid in this day and age. He had had a couple of girlfriends, worked an after school job busing tables at a restaurant, and had even managed to get laid a time or two. Then Katrina hit. Many fled New Orleans under the evacuation order. His family didn’t have the means to. His mother died when the wind blew a boat through their small two bedroom house. His father died in the looting and rioting that followed. He had no extended family he was aware of. His house was gone. His parents were gone. His job was gone. His entire world up until that point was gone. He quickly found out that he fell in that crack between groups in the government cleanups eyes. Too old for the ‘someone think of the children’ bracket but too young for the adult in need bracket. More or less shuffled through the system he found himself on the streets without much help. Those became the dark times for him, but also changed his life forever. The stress, the loss, the world he found himself in took him to that brink of desperation and hopelessness and awakened something in him. From there he found his whole world changed. The next few years on the streets likewise changed him. Gone was the rebellious teenager. Having to survive in the cold lead him to learn things he hadn’t ever figured he would, and do things he wasn’t always proud of to be sure. But he learned that the streets will eat someone alive if they’re not tough. Moving through circles he picked up on the ways of conning and grifting to survive. With his awakened powers some of this came a little easier, some a little harder. As with everything there is a price. Part of this price he paid when he learned that telling fortunes and futures was one thing but trying to change them another. He made the mistake of trying to alter the future for someone he cared about. In the end he failed to change anything and ended up cursed for his trouble. Surviving as he could in the aftermath he became addicted to things that would stop him from feeling.

After a long series of incidents in New Orleans Jaxson cleaned himself up with the help of some friends, he ended up in Hampton Roads after pulling a short tour with the U.S. Navy. Since moving he ended up joining up with Chase Cooke in the Librium Arcana chantry.

Jaxson 'Jax' Robicheaux

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