Ascending Hampton Roads


What do you want? Information.

The mages return to where they buried the vampire earlier and reverse the process. Unfamiliar with the full extent of their powers they manage to raise the box a little too well and end up launching it skyward a ways before it crashed back to the ground, knocking the prisoner around and royally pissing him off. Angry shouts could be heard along with the metal vibrating as he beat on the interior. It was feared that if they didn’t act quickly he may even break out.

Loading him into a truck they headed for the address that Sovereign had provided them. They arrived at another warehouse on an out of the way back street. When they pulled up there was a black town car parked in front and the pair of guards from earlier were outside in waiting. After the box was unloaded in the warehouse the mages let out the vampire. It looked around at its surroundings and immediately tried to attack the group. As it sprung to its feet and charged a shotgun roared as one of the bodyguards fired. The vampire’s leg below the knee disappeared in a bloody spray as it fell back to the ground, screaming in agony as it clutched at the stump. The mages, stunned, looked at Sovereign and his body guards.
‘Come now, Will Workers. We require answers to who his sire is and why he decided to break the masquerade. So ask your questions and fulfill the bargain.’

Seeing no way out, the players began interrogating the injured vampire. His answers were mostly vitriolic and punctuated with profanity and racial epithets. Mike used some persuasion enhancement by way of a piece of rebar to get some real answers. Most of what they were told proved to be useless as the young vampire really knew very little of what was going on.

The group then turned over the vampire to Sovereign as he altered the bargain to have them find out who was protecting the young vampire and running the dog fighting ring. Their interrogation had revealed that the vampire was suppose to deliver some dogs to the ring that night, but didn’t have the address and was waiting for the phone call. They decided the next course of action was to wait for the call and trace it to wherever the person on the other end was.


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