Ascending Hampton Roads


Tracking Prey

The next morning after their long night of learning the truth about the darker, weirder reality around them, the group joined Chase and Phyber in some investigative research through the copious usage of magic.

Chase’s clothes had been covered in the poor girl’s blood the night before. Using it as a focal point for sympathetic magic, the group identified a few areas where there were large amounts of her blood. One was, of course, Chase’s clothes. Another the park. The remaining two were the city morgue where the body had probably been taken, and a small warehouse in the area. Putting their minds together they came up with a plan to find this vampire. What they planned to do with it afterwards was still up in the air. Part of the group was vocal in their desire to kill the thing outright and let the chips fall where they may. The other half supported a more cautionary idea of possibly using the vampire as a bargaining chip with whoever inside the Kindred society may be hunting them. They put forward the idea that by tracking down the vampire and turning it over to the others they may be able to bargain for their safety in return. After much arguing over which was the right way, the group decided to push forward and take the vampire while he was sleeping during the day and most likely less dangerous to them.

After observing the warehouse from a distance they figured out a plan of attack. Pinky, using some forward thinking mentally assessed the inhabitants inside. He found mostly dogs in various mental states of pain, fear, hunger and exhaustion, along with two that were rather different than the other dogs. And most importantly, he touched the edges of the mind of the vampire, dead for the day. Coming up with a plan, the group obtained some hot dogs from a nearby store and with a touch of Life magic and some medical knowledge managed to alter the meat to knock out whoever ate it. Teleporting the hot dogs inside to the guard dogs and those confined to cages proved to be a smart move as within minutes the two guard dogs were out cold along with many of the normal ones.

Removing the door lock, the group gained entrance. Inside the found an entire wall of the warehouse was gated off and filled with crates full of dogs in various states of health. The wounds on some of the dogs indicated that they were being used in a dog fighting ring. Disgusted, the mages once more gave serious consideration to simply killing the vampire where he slept and being done with it. Cooler heads prevailed though, when they found the vampire. Making sure to take the important things like his wallet and cellphone they crated the vampire up and shoved him in a truck. A quick glance in the wallet revealed the vampire’s name as DeMarcus Johnson

Riding the high of their successful kidnapping, they came up with a plan to hide the vampire to ensure they could bargain without putting all their chips on the table at once. Mike, a jack of all trades, started welding a metal box around the body. Once completed they took it to a remote area and with the aid of magic, successfully buried it underground.

As night began to fall, they went back to Chase to see if he had made progress making contact with someone in the Kindred ranks that could bargain with them. He informed them that the meet was set up and gave them the address.


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