Admiral Hampton Rhodes

The City Father


A powerful spirit who often appears in the guise of an older male dressed in a worn military uniform of an indeterminable age. No rank is present on the uniform, though some spirits and Garou are known to refer to him as ‘The Admiral’


The City Father of the Hampton Roads area has been around for a long time. The Powhatan people referred to him as Nus Suckquahan(Three Rivers). He witnessed the coming of the Europeans to his lands, the birth of a nation and the decline of his native people. He watched brother turn against brother during the Civil War and the rebuilding thereafter. In more recent history(relatively speaking) the area has seen a boom of recognition and prestige, not to mention economy as it became a huge economic and military center, granting the City Father a measure of prominence and power.

He has been known to be appreciative of good whiskey and fine cigars and he has a soft spot for people who display acts of courage and loyalty.

Admiral Hampton Rhodes

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