Ascending Hampton Roads


A Cry for Help

Day: 1
Time: Late night
Location: Lafayette Park, Norfolk, VA

The young mages have been drawn to the park by a mental cry for help. Upon arriving they found the body of a young lady on the ground, a large amount of blood darkening the earth beneath her. On closer observation, it was revealed that her throat had been ripped out, violently.

Kneeling over her is a man, his hand and clothing stained with blood. Whether he was the one who attacked her or not was unclear. As the mages approached the man and the body, he turned, a gun appearing in his hand as if by magic. As he looked over the strangers the tension dropped from his body and he lowered the weapon, sliding it into a holster at the small of his back. He then looked back down at the body.
“I tried to save her, but I was too late. I managed to scare it away though. I think I hit it. We should leave before the others how up to clean up this mess.’

Without any further words he started walking towards the group, his hand empty at his side and head tilted down. In the distance the sound of sirens could be heard. Whether the sirens were for the group and the park, or something unrelated was unclear. However, there was a quickly cooling body of a young girl on the ground and something savage had clearly attacked her.

After some quick questioning the man introduced himself as Chase Cooke and gave them a quick overview of what happened. He arrived to find the girl being attacked. She was prone on the ground, the attacker straddling her stomach , his face pressed against the side of her neck. He pulled his gun, yelled and fired two rounds at the attacker. The attacker brought a hand across the woman’s neck, tearing out her throat as he leapt to his feet and fled. Chase ran to the woman and tried to save her, but she bled out quickly. At this point Chase pressed the issue that they all needed to get out of there before more of ‘them’ arrive. He promised them answers if they would follow him.

With that he started walking to the nearby parking lot where there was a car left running. The party split up, some of them riding with Chase, others in the truck with Mike. A short, uneventful drive later they arrived at a large two-story red brick building in Virginia Beach. There was a for sale sign visible out front and the condition of the landscaping indicated it wasn’t actively inhabited. After parking, Chase lead them inside through a back door, revealing a rather extensive security system including cameras and RFID scanners. Definitely not what was expected from something that appeared to be abandoned and for sale.

The inside of the place seemed to live down to the expectations better though. There were obvious holes in the dry wall, exposed rebar and studs as well as numerous signs that it was in some stage of construction, deconstruction or rebuilding. Which was accurate was anyone’s guess. As he motioned around him he turned to the group with a sad smile.
‘Welcome to the Librium Arcana Chantry. Or what’s left of it.’


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