Ascending Hampton Roads


Wheeling and Dealing

The group arrived at the address, revealed to be the Westin condominiums. The front doors unlocked as they approached. Behind a security desk at the far end of the entry was a thin, older gentlemen with thinning hair. He stood and motioned towards the elevator bank. He swiped a card over the scanner and the elevator opened. He reached in, swiped the card again and pressed the button for the penthouse floor. The group entered and the man stepped away, allowing the doors to shut and the elevator to take them up.

The elevator arrived a moment later at the penthouse floor, opening into a large room where they were met by a pair of armed bodyguards in suits. The bodyguards escorted them into the next room where there was a long conference table. A moment later another man walked in, dressed in a suit that cost more than the group’s combined annual income, and took a seat at the head of the table. He motioned the others to likewise sit. He introduced himself as Mr. Sovereign. The group are lead to believe that he is in fact the Prince of the city.

The conversation was a strange one to be sure, as the group learned that while they were rather unfamiliar with the vampires, the same could not be said for the reverse of the situation. The group attempted to dodge around his direct questions and bargains, which drew no end of amusement from the vampire. He seemed to take a sadistic measure of glee in verbally batting them around as cat toys. They offered him their vampire captive in exchange for the vampires calling off their dogs.
‘And where is this hostage of yours? Is he here? I don’t see him. Is this one of those games that you will workers play? I do so love games…’

The conversation ended with a promise from the group to deliver the captive vampire to Mr. Sovereign, though they receive no guarantees to their safety afterwards. Taking what they can get, they opt to see that discretion is the better part of valor and make a hasty retreat from the vampire’s lair. After a brief discussion, they decide to go through with the plan and go to retrieve the buried vampire and deliver him at promised.


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