Ascending Hampton Roads


The Secret World

After coming to the Chantry the group is treated to a brief introduction to another inhabitant, James ‘Phyber’ Poe. A quiet, serious person with a holographic display setup, Phyber would prove instrumental in tracking down the identity of the dead girl. The girl was revealed to be a student at the nearby medical school who had had the poor luck to be walking through the park on the wrong night. The mental call for help revealed her to be at least partially awakened.

Chase lead the group into the kitchen for some coffee and a few things slightly stronger and sat them down for some answers. The big one on everyone’s mind was what exactly had killed the girl. The answer, much to their confusion, was simple, yet incredibly hard to believe. Vampires. Chase calmly explained to them the basics of Kindred society. He explained the basic concepts of the two major warring factions and the various clans that made up those factions.

While hard to believe and difficult to swallow on its face, the fact that they were capable of manipulating the world around them through magic and force of will was evidence in itself that the things they thought to be fake may have basis in reality after all. The news was slightly more difficult to swallow for some than others. Mike resorted to dulling his senses with a bottle of booze before retiring to sleep it off in his truck parked outside. The others settled in for a long night of processing what they had learned.

Of importance was the fact that the vampires kept their existence secret and took great pains to protect what was known as the Masquerade. The vampire who killed the girl had broken the tradition and would be punished for it. Most likely very harshly. But the Kindred survived by being thorough and it would be doubtful they would leave witnesses. This meant that the group was potentially in danger from the vampires and they may need to take steps to keep themselves safe.


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